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In addition to being a remarkably compelling performer, Kevin Spacey is right on target with regard to media convergence, to the idea that audiovisual media (film, television, etc.), audio only media (radio, music, etc.), and print media are all becoming one.

Being front and center in the binge viewing revolution, he reminds us that the boundaries aren’t just falling between categories of media. They’re also falling within those categories. When he asks, “Is 13 hours watched as one cinematic whole really any different from a film?” you already know the answer.

Here’s his reminder on the most optimistic news for anyone who creates content: the future is brighter than ever. Opportunities are bigger than ever. Give your fans something to be passionate about, and they’ll use it – and promote it – in ways that were simply impossible even five years ago.

He’s wrong about one thing, however: It’s not going to take a decade or two for the boundaries between media platforms to go away. They’re almost completely eroded already.

Y’know who couldn’t have been more wrong? Try, Gil Scott-Heron. When he said the revolution will not be televised, he didn’t know something. The revolution has ended up on television – among other places – because television is right in the middle of the revolution.