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Radio: Now Asking All The Questions Unfit To Ask

Radio: Now Asking All The Questions Unfit To Ask

Doctors don’t save patients in cardiac arrest by treating an unrelated skin rash. Radio, currently somewhere between serious and critical condition, is busy trying to treat its problems with calamine lotion.

Maybe it’s time for radio to stop focusing on the wrong treatments for what ails it.

The Medium Is The Message…And So Are The Cutbacks

The Medium Is The Message…And So Are The Cutbacks

So here’s a development that shouldn’t surprise: the New York Times – the nation’s newspaper of record – is disbanding its entire sports department, instead counting on its ample, if recently downsized, staff of the recently purchased The Athletic for sports coverage....

AM Radio Is Saved? Whoop De Doo!!!

AM Radio Is Saved? Whoop De Doo!!!

The argument for saving AM radio seems to boil down to this: it’s an important – sorry, an absolutely vital, can’t-survive-without-it – tool for sending emergency alert messages, particularly into rural communities. The argument is wrong. It’s also a smokescreen.

Podcasting? Not Dead. Me-Tooism? On Life Support.

Podcasting? Not Dead. Me-Tooism? On Life Support.

20+ years ago, the great Jack Trout wrote a book called "Differentiate Or Die: Survival In Our Era Of Killer Competition." Six years after his passing, the competition ain't getting any less killer. In other news, podcasting is, apparently, passéing away. (See what I...

Simplicity Won On D-Day

D-Day – Operation Overlord, if you prefer – was obviously one of the hugest days in world history…right? Without it, I’m guessing that your humble bloghost wouldn’t be writing this to you. A big operation? Howzabout 150,000+ allied troops, 50,000 vehicles, 11,000 aircraft, and 5,000 ships & landing craft. Other than that, it wasn’t the least bit complicated.

Here’s how Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, the guy who was in charge of the ground troops in the Normandy Invasion laid out his plans: on a single piece of paper.

The More You Open Up, The More You Connect

While commenting music’s powerful ability to take us back in time, Bob uses the even greater power of personal vulnerability to walk us through a few intense moments in his life, thus making us feel our own version of what he feels. (I got emotional telling my wife about the post because it took me back to a certain time in my own life, one where I was at a professional pivot point and had to decide to walk away from a gig I loved in order to grow.)

If you want to connect with your fans/customers, you’d do well to learn from what you’ll experience when reading the post.

20/20 Vision For 2019: It’s All About Survival Of The Fervent

Welcome to the new year! Oh, and since we’re less than 365 days away from a year of lame 20/20 references, I thought you and I should get the pun party started early while taking a look at where we’re at in The Jetsons Future. TV is currently in bigger trouble than radio, and everyone can learn from what they’re doing about it.

Y’see, the good folks at Turner have dropped some serious bank on a sponsored content piece and a related website explaining their vision for the future present. How spot on is their vision? I love this quote from their We Make Fans website: “Viewers tune out, fans tune in.” Let’s take a deeper dive with some specific thoughts from Turnerstan? Here are their quotes with my interpretations in italics:

Even In Showbiz, “It” Isn’t Everything

It’s funny how timing works. I’ve spent a lot of time lately discussing the “it” factor in a few different places, and just yesterday, up popped Steve Reynolds’ excellent thoughts on the subject on the Jacobs Media blog. I want to talk to you about it (and “it”) because there are a few key lessons here: (1) if you have “it,” your boundaries are limitless, but (2) if you don’t do the things a great talent does to succeed, boundaries will start popping up incredibly fast, and (3) even if you don’t have “it,” if you do some other stuff really well, you can go very, very far as a performing talent in any part of showbiz.